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RE_FleshandBlood_C  I must record the facts that have led me to where I am now. So that, when someone reads this, they understand. Sam Hunter’s neighbours are pillars of the community, the most influential people in town. But they’re liars too. The Greenhills are hiding something and Sam’s determined to find out what it is. As his investigation unfolds, he realizes the lies reach further than he ever imagined – is there anyone he can trust? Uncovering the horror is one thing …escaping is another.

Publisher – Stripes Publishing

Date Published – 2nd March 2015

Pages – 336 pages

Format – Paperback

Category – UK YA / YA Horror

Source –

I was sent a copy of this book originally by the wonderful Lovereading4kids in exchange for an honest review.  Stripes Publishing then asked me to be part of the blog tour for this book and sent me another copy in exchange for an honest review (which I will be doing a little giveaway further down the post 🙂 ).  This does not affect my review or my opinions in any way.  Thank you both for sending me this book to read and review.

** Please note Tales Of Yesterday Reviews are written as spoiler free as possible**

Flesh and Blood by Simon Cheshire is the third book to be released in 2015 as part of the new YA Horror Red Eye Series by Stripes Publishing with more titles to come later this year.

As you all may already know I love a creepy and scary read and loved the previous Red Eye book I read called Frozen Charlotte (see my review here), and most recently Bad Bones (see my review here), but Flesh and Blood took the scares and in this case gore up another notch on the heart rate meter!   I used to love the 90’s Point Horror series when I was a teenager as well as being a huge fan of James Dawson and I am excited about the whole premise of a new UK YA Horror series with a contemporary makeover that has left me craving more and to collect and read the rest in the series asap.

You can find the original press release and more information on the fantastic Red Eye series here.

You can see the creepy Red Eye Series book trailer below….if you dare!

Dear Readers….

Here is my account of a book called Flesh and Blood….which I need to write objectively like an enthusiastic blogger would do….but firstly….this book scared the hibbie jeebies out of me!

I must record the facts, a sequence of events, the chain of suspicions and thoughts that I had whilst reading this book that led me to how I feel right now!  So that when someone reads this they understand!

I have to set down everything, to document it, from the beginning.

I have to think clearly.  Breathe deeply.

I’ll sit and think for a while.  Then I’ll write…..

I have to face the consequence of my actions, of what I would do for my love of YA Horror!

If events had happened differently, if I hadn’t been so intent of on following my love for a good old scare then perhaps I wouldn’t be here now, sitting at this desk…alone and scared!

You see, whilst reading this book I met a character called Sam Hunter who wants to be a journalist.  Sam was new to the town of Hadlington!  He moved with his parents, after they came into some money, to a house on an unlit street called Priory Mews.  New area meant new school for Sam, Maybrick High, and he soon made friends with the lovely Jo and joker Liam.  There is a mansion also in the same cul de sac where Sam lives called Bierce Priory where the prettiest girl in school, Emma Greenhill, lives with her GP mother and surgeon father and her creepy grandfather.

All pretty normal eh?….but this was the book lulling me into a false sense of security!

The Bierce Priory mansion is creepy!  At night Sam hears screams, see things he shouldn’t see …. hears things he shouldn’t hear….but that was just the noisy old mansion boilers right?!  People from the rough estate, Elton Gardens start going missing and dead bodies are found in the town with body parts or organs removed from their actual bodies!  But surely that must be the gangs from Elton Gardens right?!  And what’s with everybody getting the sniffles?!

Do we really know our neighbours?  I mean I live next door to my Mom and since reading this book have started to look at her a bit funny and in horror… her house like Bierce Priory?! *dum dum duuuuuuummmm*

*gulps at receiving a Halloween party invitation*

Only kidding Mom, but this book really does make you think….and creeps you out!

If I only new that this book would draw me in as much as it did, scare me to death reading late at night and make me feel a bit icky whilst eating a good spag bol….but all in a good way! *nervous laugh*

Sam tells his story through writing a journal sometimes breaking from the story to talk directly to the reader….I really felt for Sam and was routing for him all the way through!  The relationship he builds with his new friends Jo and Liam is touching and very horror movie-esqe as in he ropes them in to help when they should be running the other way!  And the poor guy sees a dead body on his first day of new school….I mean he was destined for trouble!  Poor Sam!

At one point during Sam’s account of events he begins to imagine horrific things like bugs crawling on him and mouths opening wide to eat him!  This for me was terrifying but also one of my favourite parts of Sam’s account as the detail really sent my imagination into overdrive!  I had to cuddle my Sammy Seal teddy and sleep with the light on all night afterwards….erm did I really just say that out loud?! *blushes*…I totally mean I was brave!

The book instilled memories of watching the films The Stepford Wives with a mixture of Saw and Hostel thrown into the mix!  Wow what a truly cool and terrifying combination!

Simon Cheshire’s contribution to the fab Red Eye series is fantastic!  The book and writing style do exactly what they are supposed to do for the reader as a YA Horror should and will proudly sit on my shelf next to the others in the series! Thank you Simon and Stripes Publishing for keeping my love for YA Horror well and truly alive! *pinches self to check I am still alive*

The facts of what are contained in this book that I read I really cannot share although I want to, but….spoilers… you really need to all read it for yourselves….find out the real account…the first hand account ….the truth….from Sam Hunter…IF YOU DARE!

There’s also a creepy prequel over on @DoYAReadMe! – here

I award this book 4 out of 5 Tales Of Yesterday Books!


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